Managed SD-WAN Solutions

Our Managed SD-WAN Service leverages a high-performance global flexible core network, providing enterprises with a resilient and adaptable Network-as-a-Service to connect sites, users, and clouds anywhere in the world.

Compared with traditional MPLS networking, SD-WAN more focuses on automation, efficiency, multi-cloud connectivity and visualized management. At the same time, the network cost can be reduced by more than 30%. Advantages of SD-WAN:

SD-WAN has gradually become a standard of next-generation enterprise network in both domestic and global market. Cause of the flexibility and efficiency, more and more customers use SD-WAN to replace existing MPLS networking, such as HNA Group, China Communications Construction, Ping An Insurance, Nvidia, etc.

An important reason why many customers choose SD-WAN networking is that it is easy to access cloud and SaaS applications. As shown in the figure below, based on SD-WAN networking, customers can connect headquarters, branch and remote user together, and access to multiple clouds and multiple SaaS application at the same time.

Entronet cooperates with , the world's top SD-WAN supplier, to provide managed SD-WAN solutions to domestic and global customers with the best user experience and security.


Zero-Touch Config

Automated configuration, visualized and centralized management, easy operations and rapid deployment.

Route Optimization

Flexible routing policies base on applications, centralized control on the cloud.

Multi-Cloud Conn.

Provides fast connection to major cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, AliCloud and Tencent Cloud, etc.

Hybrid Access

Support all access technologies: MPLS, private line, DIA and 4G/5G wireless connections.

Improve Perf.

Provide application identification capabilities, improve the performance of key applications. Provide SLA management capabilities.

Visualized Mgmt.

Provide end-to-end visualized management interface. Improve management efficiency. Easy to find out problem.

Rapid Delivery

Combine using multipls access technologies. Simple configuration and shorten the lead time of installation or expansion.


Easy security configurations. Provide cloud-based security services.