Last Mile

Last Mile Service

The traditional last mile connection is base on point-to-point leased line or multi-site MPLS VPN networking. As more enterprise applications migrate to cloud platform, the bandwidth and stability of Internet access has been improved, DIA has gradually become an option of enterprise networking. Wireless access also become another option under the better coverage of 4G and 5G mobile networks. Especially in the scenarios of mobile office and IoT applications. This brings unlimited opportunities.

Entronet provides flexible and reliable multiple access technologies to customers:

Entronet has established our own IP backbone network based on the resources of multiple tier 1 carriers, and holds the VAS and ISP license. We can provide secure, resource-neutral, fexibility and high-performance Internet access services.

Advantages of Integrated Access


Provide one-stop-shopping to speed up the procurement process, and 7x24 hours customer service. Simplify supplier management process for our customers.

Better Resource Coverage

Can provide the local resource from all carriers neutrally. Support flexible network capabilities for different nodes.

Multiple Access Tech.

Supports hybrid networking of multiple access technologies, including fixed line and wireless access. Provides rapid provisioning capabilities and reduce network cost.