ICT Consultant Service

ICT Consultant Service

Entronet has a team of telecommunications and enterprise networking experts with more than 20 years of experience. We provide professional technical support and ICT consulting services, provide neutral advice and effective suggestions for enterprise ICT infrastructure planning, security design and application development. We adopt advanced technology and processes, considering the actual requirements of enterprises, design the best network and ICT solutions for customers.

Services include:

  • ICT Solution Design
  • Network Evaluation
  • Cloud/Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Information Security Audit


ICT Solution Design

  • According to the the enterprise situation, refine the detail requirements and design the overall ICT framework.
  • Framework design of information security.
  • Establish IT budget plan, control IT spending to support business development requirements.
  • Ensure the network and application running stable and efficiency.
  • Ensure the connections between cloud, application servers, IoT equipments, computers, personal terminals, etc. are running well.
  • Network structure and interconnections optimization.
  • Improvement for the design of cloud, data center and managed services.


Network Evaluation

  • Evaluation of existing network structure.
  • Network performance evaluation.
  • Network security audit.
  • Data storage and processing flow review.
  • Potential problem discovery.
  • Optimization suggestions.


Cloud/Multi-Cloud Solutions

  • Evaluation and suggestion of cloud platforms.
  • Optimization of cloud platform interconnections.
  • Multi-cloud solutions based on application requirements.
  • 24/7 cloud backup solutions.


Information Security Audit

  • Establish information security organization and process.
  • Network security management.
  • Information security management.
  • Information security risk management.
  • Security incident handling process.
  • Education and training for information security awareness.